We strongly believe in thorough market research and comprehensive analysis before going to market. Understanding our customers and also their customers is the first step of our approach. Our solutions ensure perfect match between customer needs and company capabilities.

  1. Collection and analysis of information on the specific market for a specific product, analysis of competitive situations and their potential developments, as well as building own judgment on the market size, growth potential, margin potential.
  2. In close cooperation with customer setting up marketing goals for short-, mid-, and long-term time periods.
  3. Selection of appropriate market entry strategy (channels, partners, positioning).
  4. Constant performance monitoring and adjusting strategies under a changing competitive environment. 

  1. We develop end-to-end marketing strategies for our customers who aim to penetrate the CIS market and grow their presence in this region.
  2. We provide implementation of strategies in actual market conditions including support and building local infrastructure (RO, local entity), introduction to the channel partners, development of motivation schemes for channel partners, facilitation of promotional activities.
  3. We make thorough evaluation of strategy effectiveness, analyse each step and develop recommendations for corrections in the underperforming areas.
Customer is welcome to choose most appropriate package, which might include 1, 2 or 3 modules based on his individual situation and depending on specific market. We offer modules 2 and 3 for certain markets. Each case is can be discussed with customer individually.

We help our customers to answer key question/take right actions in order to build winning strategy and achieve intended results:

  1. to define their customer segments and related goals
  2. to identify their served and un-served customer groups
  3. to understand their competitor positioning and actions
  4. to define entry positioning, planning and strategy
  5. to achieve accelerated execution
  6. to assess the performance of their strategy