Our Services Range


Working in close cooperation with customer we create solid business plan for customer entry to CIS market. Such business plan might include various components based on the specific needs of the customer: channel strategy, positioning and pricing strategy, sales promotion and advertising strategy, end-customer service strategy etc. In order to support sales of our customers in CIS markets we develop comprehensive marketing communications strategy, aiming to grow brand awareness and brand consideration for target audience. 

Through development of customer's channel strategy we define key milestones with clear metrics and targets. As a part of follow-up work we make performance evaluation at each milestone and report to customer. Report includes assessment results and recommendations for process and strategy corrections considering progress on the evaluated steps and possible changes in the environment. Markets are not static, customer needs evolve, so constant customer and market performance monitoring and on time advice for strategy adjustments is of paramount importance.

As a component of the implementation of developed market entry and growth strategy, we offer our customers support in the following areas:

  1. Introduction to the targeted sales channel, negotiating contractual conditions on behalf of customer as well as follow up on the partner's performance
  2. Independent local operations monitoring – regular research and reports on the business partners performance, their positions in the market, customer products presence inside channel partners. We also offer independent monitoring of customer's own representative offices or legal entities in the CIS markets, regular checks of compliance based on agreed parameters.
  3. Full service of customer's new entity launch – A-Z support in opening customer's office in CIS markets, starting from finding appropriate facilities and staffs, appointment of appropriate suppliers and finishing with establishment of accounting system according to local standards.